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If this happens, please do not attempt to repeat any sections of the course. Contact your manager or ThinkTank staff to have the issue resolved.

To avoid this issue, please try to complete the final three sections (Self-Harm, Communication Skills & Quality Standards) in a single session, as the issue is known to happen primarily during these sections.
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ThinkTank Academy are proud to be the first provider to launch a full Child Care Induction Standards online training course. This course is critical for individuals working in the children’s residential sector as it provides them with the skills, knowledge and approach required by Children’s Social Care staff across the UK. The Induction Standards are composed of 14 key principles designed to provide a good induction to both compliance and operational aspects of working in Child Care or Residential Child Care.


Units covered;

  1. COSHH
  2. Administration of Medication
  3. First Aid Awareness
  4. Health and Safety
  5. Fire Safety
  6. GDPR
  7. Food Safety
  8. Equality and Diversity
  9. Recording and Reporting
  10. Safeguarding Children
  11. Professional Boundaries
  12. Self-Harm
  13. Communication Skills
  14. Quality Standards



Aims & Objectives

  • Raise your awareness of COSHH and how it affects your workplace
  • Explain the procedures and safe principles of handling medication
  • Give you an understanding of what health and safety means to everyone
  • Introduce you to the three principles of first aid
  • Raise your awareness of fire safety equipment and procedures
  • Improve your understanding of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Help you to apply good food hygiene practices
  • Provide examples of how Equality and Diversity can be promoted
  • Highlight the importance of dealing with discrimination
  • Identify what to include in reports
  • Understand the principles of safeguarding for childcare settings
  • Explain what professional boundaries are and their importance
  • Why children might resort to self-harming and the problems associated with it
  • Identify some of the signs that could indicate a child is self-harming
  • Outline core principals of communication
  • Discuss the effects of good and poor communication
  • Explain how the quality standards relate to CYP in care



Course Audience

Residential Care Worker, Health Care Workers, Social Care Workers, Children’s Centre Practitioners.


Course Duration

This course will take around 6 hours to complete.

You do not have to complete the course in one sitting. You are able to come back to the course and continue from where you left off.


Course Price

The course price is £60 or 3 credits.


Course Curriculum

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