Course Overview

This course raises awareness of discrimination in and out of the workplace. The learner will be supported to understand forms of discrimination and how to respond to different types of discrimination. Advice and practical competency tips will be provided to the learner to help them create an inclusive culture within the workplace and also how to promote different diversity needs within the workplace. This training session can be accessed via a link and is accessible from a range of devices including IOS and Android platforms.


This course offers a blended learning approach including a short scenario, a workbook, infographics and a classroom style training session.

Aims & Objectives

  • Define the terms Equality and Diversity.
  • Provide an overview of legislation relating to Equality and Diversity.
  • Explain how legislation is implemented in the workplace.
  • Provide examples of how Equality and Diversity can be promoted
  • Highlight the importance of dealing with discrimination.
  • Understand the importance of prevention.

Course Audience

Health Care Workers, Social Care Workers, Children’s Centre Practitioners, Youth Workers, Education Workers

Course Duration

This course will take a minimum of 45 minutes to complete.


This course is accredited by Open Awards – Badge of Excellence

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Course Curriculum

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