Course Overview

The course raises awareness of the risk of young people going missing from care and provides information that the learner can use to help them respond appropriately should a young person in their care go missing. It also highlights their important role in prevention. This training session can be accessed via a link and is accessible from a range of devices including IOS and Android platforms. This course offers a blended learning approach including a short scenario, a workbook, infographics and quiz.

Aims & Objectives

  • Explain the difference between the terms ‘missing from care’ and ‘away from placement without authorisation’
  • Identify possible reasons for going missing from care
  • Identify the risks of going missing
  • Identify signs that could indicate a child may go missing
  • Identify factors that could trigger a missing episode
  • Explain your role before, during and after a missing incident

Course Audience

Residential Care Worker, Health Care Workers, Social Care Workers, Children’s Centre Practitioners,

Course Duration

This course will take a minimum of 45 minutes to complete.


This course is accredited by Open Awards – Badge of Excellence

Course Curriculum

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